A Housing Price Cooldown? | 2022 Housing Market Predictions

There are a lot of 2022 housing market predictions out there. Some forecasters say that a crash is imminent, while others point to signs showing a very strong housing market continuing over the next few years. While none of us (including Dave Meyer) have access to a crystal ball that shows home prices, we do have some leading indicators from the newest housing market data.

Housing market projections coming from Zillow, Goldman Sachs, and Fannie Mae all show a steady increase in home buying and home prices. This is backed up by the four most important factors when looking at housing: demand, supply, interest rates, and affordability. Most of these factors show the strongest signs of a hot housing market continuing into 2022. So, if you own real estate, your properties may see an increase, and if you’re looking to buy, now may be the right time to get under contract.

What do you think will happen in 2022? Do you think that a housing market crash could be possible or just wild speculation? Let us know in the comments below!

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00:00 Reviewing 2022 Housing Market Predictions
02:25 Sorry, No 2021 Real Estate Crash
03:55 Housing Demand
07:43 A Lack of Housing Inventory
10:47 Rising Interest Rates
14:48 Foreclosures and Forbearances
16:35 Quality of Loans and Credit
18:05 A Big Risk: Affordability
19:12 What Will Impact the Housing Market in 2022?


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