Hi there,

First, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I understand that the process of buying or selling your property can often seem overwhelming and complicated, but that’s where I can help by making that process less stressful and more straightforward. Please, take a few moments to learn a little about me, my qualifications, and my business philosophy.

I am Italian and moved to the United States in 1996. I graduated the University of Central Florida in 2011, with a degree in finance. Prior to that, I worked in accounting for over a decade. I have always enjoyed working with others and realized that I needed more than a 9-5 job in accounting. So, in 2015, I decided that a real estate career was the perfect way for me to use my education and knowledge to help others. With over twenty years of accounting experience and a degree in finance, I have developed a wealth of knowledge in tax regulations and real estate laws that affect land sale transactions, such as, the Taxpayer Relief Act, presale exclusions, capital gains, withholding for non-residents, 1031 exchanges, etc. Whether you are a first time buyer or seller, or an experienced investor, I can help you buy or sell land, or find your dream home! I am also fluent in Italian and very involved in the Central Florida Italian community. Being bilingual and bicultural has helped me work with many international clients.

My business philosophy is simple, direct, and proven. I listen to my clients, develop a thorough understanding of their needs, and match them with the property or buyer that best matches those needs. I will always answer, or immediately return, your call. And, I assure you, that if we do business together, our relationship will always be transparent, efficient and honest.

Just give me a call today, and I’ll be happy to talk to you about your real estate needs and whether I can help.