Are organizations back to normal after the pandemic?

For 58 per cent of respondents, they can’t even do their work remotely so back to the workplace it is, which in itself seems like we are back to the old ways of work.

But for many employees, they feel the pull of internal company pressure to get back to the office, according to Allison Schrager, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who spoke recently to Bloomberg.

“Ideally, work-from-home will continue to exist in some form — perhaps as an option if you work on contract and crave more flexibility. Or you can use the option when you need it, such as when your child is sick. Otherwise, everyone needs to go back,” she says.

“We now have the technology to telecommute in many jobs, and the pandemic pushed that transition forward. But technology and culture don’t always change at the same rate.”

Other reasons cited in the survey of more than 1,000 adult Canadians conducted on behalf of Global News in June, were productivity, getting away from the home, missing their colleagues and just a simple yearning to get back to the office.