Mortgage application volume shrinks as rates top 6%

“Additionally, ongoing uncertainty about the impact of the Fed’s reduction of its MBS and Treasury holdings is adding to the volatility in mortgage rates,” Kan continued. “The 30-year fixed rate was 6.52%, its highest level since mid-2008. After a brief pause in July, mortgage rates have increased more than a percentage point over the past […]

Fannie Mae launches rent payment reporting pilot program Program enables renters in multifamily properties to improve credit scores

Fannie Mae on Tuesday launched a pilot program to help renters of multifamily properties build their credit histories and improve their credit scores. Effective Sept. 27, eligible multifamily property owners can share rent payment data through a vendor network to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian in the renter’s credit profile. “Around 20% of the U.S. population […]

PHASE 2 Of The Housing Crash JUST STARTED | Housing Bubble 2022

PHASE 2 Of The Housing Crash JUST STARTED | Housing Bubble 2022 The Fed’s actions have led to this 2nd phase of the Housing Market Crash 2022. We have been in an inflated housing market bubble for some time due to the fed lowering mortgage rates and now their monetary policy has led to higher […]

Third of homeowners only looking for long-term remortgages: Comparethemarket

A study by the price comparison website finds that 32% of borrowers who are coming to the end of their fixed-term loans in the next three years are looking to move onto much longer offers. Traditionally, two-year fixed-rate home loans have been the norm. But “t. is a clear change in attitudes towards long-term fixes, […]

The REAL Truth Behind Bank of America NO MONEY DOWN Mortgage Loan Program

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Revealed – huge jump in time taken to complete housing projects

Residential housing projects are taking up to 50% longer to complete along with a myriad of ongoing supply chain and construction issues. However, one property developer says the issue will be tackled head-on at the upcoming Queensland Housing Summit. KDL Property Group managing director Kent Leicester (pictured above) said government red tape and slow planning […]

Remote work drove over 60% of house-price surge, Fed study finds

The shift to working from home drove more than half of the increase in house and rent prices during the pandemic and will likely drive up costs and inflation going forward as the shift becomes permanent, according to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  “The transition to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic […]

How to Get Seller Financing – The Ultimate Guide

I will break down the best creative financing strategy and how to go about it. Sometimes they call it zero money down strategy. I will show you what you need and possible terms you need to have to buy that house with seller or creative financing. 🔽Time stamps: 0:00 How to Get Seller Financing – […]

Why is imposter syndrome still plaguing some workers?

Nearly three in five (58%) workers experience imposter syndrome in the workplace – meaning they often believe they are inferior to others or have faked their way into positions despite impressive accomplishments, according to a report from Indeed. Overall, more than one in 10 (13%) employees and one in five (20%) of senior managers admit […]

The Truth About Florida's Housing Market | Home Prices, Inventory & Demand

What’s REALLY happening on the ground level for Florida real estate? Sure, the housing market was on fire the last couple years, but what about now and moving forward to 2023? Nobody thought the crazy prices and demand would be sustainable long term . in the Tampa Bay area. Let’s get real and chat about […]