How one strategic focus has shielded brokerage firm from market shifts

Last year, the company posed $162 million across more than 500 units, he said. Tan credits the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) with having helped him along his career. He recalls the sense of remoteness he had when he first started out, seeking advice from colleagues only to be met with reticence while being […]

Mortgage rates blow past industry predictions Turmoil abroad coul

Some mortgage rate indices topped 4% on Thursday, blowing past predictions that rates might reach those levels by the end of 2022. Economists had predicted rates would rise as the overall economy stabilized. The latest mortgage rate survey from Freddie Mac puts rates for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 3.69%, while the average rate in the latest […]

Mortgage possession actions slowly recovering

The data from Q1 2022 found that as a result of the pandemic and associated actions, all mortgage possession actions have dropped significantly compared to Q1 2019. During the first quarter of 2022, data showed that t. were 2,890 claims for possession, down 53% from the same quarter in 2019, while orders in Q1 2022 […]

Sellers Market Buyers Market Which Is It? | Housing Market

Housing Market: Let’s discuss is this a sellers market or buyers market which is it? We will be turning to actual data from RedFin to determine our answer. If you are buying or selling I hope you will find this video helpful. ▶TIME STAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:29 Welcome 00:40 Housing Market Update 2022 1:21 More […]

CBA hikes interest rates

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has increased rates for its variable home loan customers by 0.25 percentage points following RBA’s historic cash rate hike earlier this month. Australia’s biggest bank is the last of the big four banks to lift its rates. NAB and ANZ hiked their variable rates for both new and existing customers […]

Pennymac laying off 190 more workers, including 69 LOs

Pennymac is further cutting its staff, with additional Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification filings in California to eliminate a total of 190 positions. It joins in making multiple employee cutbacks since late last year. The latest from Pennymac follows March filings that identified 236 positions to be permanently terminated effective in May. “Following a […]

Americans are stressed about money and finances, hurting mental health

Americans are more stressed about money than they’ve ever been, according to the American Psychological Association’s latest Stress In America Survey. “Eighty-seven percent of Americans said that inflation and the rising costs of everyday goods is what’s driving their stress,” said Vaile Wright, senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association. More […]

Which city has greatest number of old and new houses?

Ninety-two per cent (92%) of the homes currently for sale in Detroit, and 83% of those in Baltimore, MD are at least 50 years old. Philadelphia, PA and Milwaukee, WI boast the third-highest shares of old listings: 76% each. The Texas cities of El Paso, San Antonio, and Austin — as well as […]

Can Mortgage Interest Be Deducted?

While this seems like a simple question, your monthly mortgage payment is actual going into an escrow account for taxes and insurance, going towards a principle payment, and going towards an interest payment. In some cases, your payment may also be going towards mortgage insurance. Interest & mortgage insurance can be deducted in some cases. […]

Aberdein Considine merges with Russel+Aitken Edinburgh

Russel+Aitken Edinburgh LLP provides a wide range of legal services, with a focus on residential property and estate agency, and private client services, as well as dispute resolution.  The firm’s lender services division RA Direct also covers a number of areas including volume conveyancing, remortgages, secured loans and further advances. The combined businesses will trade […]