Credit Score 101: What You Need To Know To Be a Successful Borrower

Credit scores aren’t as intimidating as they sound. Of course, that one three-digit number might make or break your borrowing experience, but knowledge is power. The more you know about credit scores, the more successful you’ll be when you’re applying for a home loan.

Even if you are clueless about credit scores, you probably already know that a high score puts you in a better position at the mortgage desk. If you’re like most people, that’s w. your knowledge ends. No worries, because today we’re going to share a wealth of need-to-know . about this crucial part of your financial profile!

Credit Scores: What’s Good, Bad and Ugly

To calculate a credit score, specific .rmation about your borrowing history is plugged into an algorithm, generating a three-digit number that falls between 300 and 850. T. are a few different algorithms available, but no matter which one you look at, your credit score will be similar across the board.

What’s a good credit score? Here are the ranges:

  • Excellent: 800 – 850
  • Very good: 740 – 799
  • Good: 670 – 739
  • Fair: 580 – 669
  • Poor: 300 – 579

What Affects My Credit Score?

Several factors go into your credit score calculation, and you can control most of them. Here are the biggies:

  • Payment history: Pay your bills on time to see your credit score climb.
  • Credit utilization: Use your credit, but don’t rely on it. If you constantly max out your available credit, your score will plummet.
  • Credit diversity: A seasoned financial portfolio with various types of credit, such as credit cards, student loans and personal loans, shows that you can manage different types of debt.
  • Amount of new credit: If you open several new credit accounts in a short period of time, red flags go up. To maximize your credit score, establish new credit gradually, and avoid doing so while you’re going through the mortgage process.
  • Length of credit history: If you’ve successfully managed your credit accounts for years, you’ll be viewed as a responsible borrower and reap the rewards of a higher credit score.

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