Finsure speeds up commission payments

Brokers who aggregate with the Finsure Group will now have the ability to be paid commissions up to 90 days earlier in a new program.

The Commission Now initiative is backed by Finsure’s parent company MA Financial Group Limited.

Finsure CEO Simon Bednar (pictured) said Commission Now would allow brokers to be paid commissions when loans were unconditionally approved in a move designed to assist brokers with their cash flow and other business purposes.

“This initiative, supported by MA Financial, will allow our broker network access to their commission payments up to 90 days earlier than before,” Bednar said.

“Commissions will even be paid within 48 hours on eligible deals and we have a simple matrix-driven approval process to access the scheme which is fully integrated into our CRM platform Infynity with no third-party interference.”

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Bednar said this was a fully technology driven solution off ApplyOnline Back . Status and funds could be accessed in a few clicks. 

“As well as improving cash flow, the Commission Now initiative unlocks future income for a range of purposes including lead generation, marketing or tax commitments,” he said.

Bednar said the strong financial position of MA Financial had provided exciting opportunities for Finsure brokers.

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“Our partnership with MA Financial is a game-changer for Finsure through its access to capital, credit and lending capabilities and technology expertise,” he said.

“Accelerating Finsure’s growth and providing additional value for our expanding broker network, which now boasts more than 2,400 brokers, is always our priority. This is yet another tremendous service offering for our brokers.”