Florida Housing Market Update & Mortgage Interest Rates Today – 7.4.22

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Thanks for checking out this week’s Southwest Florida housing market update video. I’m Rick Harrison your Southwest Florida Real Estate Agent, and in this weeks housing market update we’ll cover the local real estate market trends, the mortgage rates today, and what the FED, inflation, and stocks are telling us about w. the economy is headed in 2022.

In this week’s stories I’ll touch on how you can tell when and w. mortgage rates will be going with a stock ticker, why foreclosures take so long to come to market, and some surprising data about the slowdown in real estate across the country. That’s all in today’s “Headline Highlights” segment.

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#swfl #realestate #homebuyers
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00:00 – Introduction
00:00 – Southern SWFL Data
00:00 – Northern SWFL Data
00:00 – Interest Rates
00:00 – Home Prices Decreasing
00:00 – 8 Million Behind on Rent
00:00 – Lennar Cutting Prices
00:00 – Rising Unaffordability & FL Insurance Costs
00:00 – Zuckerberg Calls 1 of Worst Downturns in Recent History
00:00 – Fed Stress Test ’22
00:00 – 2Q Negative GDP (Recession)
00:00 – Michael Burry: Fed Will Reverse
00:00 – Outro


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