Florida's Housing Market Is About To Go INSANE!

Florida Real Estate is about to go CRAZY! Add me on insta .thisisjohnwilliams

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The real estate market has gone insane in New York and California however soon we will see the most appreciation for property in the state of Florida. Florida real estate has seen more than 1,000 new residents fighting over an apartment or house EVERY single day! What I am predicting to see happen is property values increase in the double digits and rents to do the same as t. will be more demand than supply! I do not see that lasting very long, I would guess that it could last maybe a year and could lose steam depending how the economy is run going forward after 2022. This I think will have many millions of people who are living in cities like Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Philadelphia and many many others thinking about quality of living, social life, taxes and their new lifestyle that was created over the recent years and see the real value in living in the sunny state of Florida.

I recently sold my home in Los Angeles and I am not the only one, many personal finance and real estate .rs have also picked up and left CA, even people like Jake Paul picked up and moved to Miami.. So did Ark investments, they recently moved to St. Pete Florida, Carl Icahn moved to Florida, many entrepreneurs and many millionaires and billionaires picked up and left for Florida.

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My belief is that this is only the beginning.


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