How Buy Real Estate with Seller Finance with Pace Morby

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Wanting to invest in real estate, but your budget is tight? Seller Financing might be your option. Join Clint Coons and Pace Morby as they discuss the process on “How to Buy Real Estate with Seller Finance.”

I am proud to welcome our guest, Pace Morby, to this discussion on how to buy real estate with seller finance. We will be discussing some topics surrounding the subject and what they mean for you as a buyer. Past examples and current know-how will be shared, so be ready to gain a deeper understanding that is sure to help you.

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These two intelligent minds coming together with their knowledge and insights on buying real estate is a great chance to better learn about the industry and effectively navigate it.

If you’re like Morby, a hands on type of person, then this video will be a great learning tool. Overall, he is an amazing professional, so his contribution to this show is something you do not want to miss.

Pace Morby is known as the go to “sub to guy” bringing creative strategies to the mainstream real estate investment industry such as subject to and seller finance deals. Pace’s high energy and no BS approach has attracted a loyal following across social media including his ., his Facebook group community Creative Financing with Pace Morby, and his successful mentorship at! Students and colleagues boast his expertise in the arena, and he’s known for his ability to tell stories and crush it closing sellers. Though he began his real estate journey as a general contractor running a successful business and then as a HomeVestors franchisee, he and his partner have since amassed over 32 million dollars in buy and hold properties while continuing their full operation of wholesale, fix and flip, and many other symbiotic businesses. Pace is on a mission to bring others tremendous value and snuff out the fluff in the industry.

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