How I Financed My 2020 Ford Transit Campervan Conversion and the Best Alternatives

The fourth episode of my DIY campervan conversion with Betty, my 2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van. Detailing how I financed my van purchase and the $35,000 estimated up fit, as well as the next best alternatives I researched.

Vehicle Financing Options
– Cash: Opportunity Cost
– Personal Auto Loan – 2.3%, “non-commercial” vehicles, medium repayment term (36-72mo)
– Dealership Financing – 6%, do not require a business license
– RV Loan – 9%, “RV” specific vehicle requirements, long repayment term (Up to 180 months)

RV Conversion Financing Options
– Cash: absolute best way to pay
– Personal Loan – 7-9%, unsecured, shorter repayment term, higher monthly payments.
– Credit Cards – Extend warranties on purchased products, expanded protections for the buyer, extremely expensive to carry a balance (9-20%)

Best Options for Homeowners:
– Mortgage cash-out refinance – replaces your existing mortgage restarting the 30 year term.
HELOC – barrows against equity on home, wide range of terms and conditions, similar application process to a refinance with lower or no loan origination fees, but higher interest rates than a cash out refi.

What I chose:
– Personal Auto Loan financing for the vehicle, needed a supervisor exception to be made, took 4 weeks longer and half a dozen hours on the phone to finally get it processed.
– Hybrid of “Cash” and “Credit Cards” for the cost of the renovation itself, using credit cards for the initial purchase for added protections and points, but immediately paying off the credit card with cash.

Who I financed through:
My Favorite Credit Card:
My Second Favorite Card:

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