How Realtors Should Talk to Buyers and Sellers in a Changing Market (w/Jimmy Mackin, Curaytor)

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Jimmy Mackin is the CEO of Curaytor, a full-service digital marketing company focused on helping listing agents get more listings. In seven years, Curaytor has grown to over $10 million in annual recurring revenue and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and American Express Open Forum.

In 2019, Jimmy co-authored Exactly What to Say: For Real Estate Agents, a best-selling book designed to help real estate agents with the most common, critical, and difficult questions they face. Jimmy is also the Host of the hit podcast #WaterCooler. With over 115 episodes and 8.5 million minutes watched, the show is a go-to resource for anyone in the real estate industry looking to grow their business in today’s digital landscape.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
• Best practices for communicating with buyers and sellers right now
• Why the principles of communication are more important than the tools and technology
• What agents who have transcended their local markets have in common
• Why asking questions is better than giving answers in a changing market
• Specific ideas and techniques for more powerful communication

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Altos Research is the premier resource for real-time real estate data. We provide weekly market statistics, analysis and reporting for 99% of the zip codes in the U.S., helping real estate professionals, investors, financial institutions, and their clients make better-.rmed decisions.

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A true data geek, Mike founded Altos Research in 2006 to bring data and insight on the U.S. housing market to those who need it most. The company now serves the largest Wall Street investment firms, banks, and tens of thousands of real estate professionals around the country. Mike’s insights on the market have been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg, Dallas Morning News, Seattle PI, and many other national media outlets.

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