How to Buy Commercial Property with NO Money (100% Financing)

Wondering how to buy commercial property with no money down? It’s surprisingly common for real estate investors (especially in commercial real estate) to lock down deals with very little out of pocket cost. But how are they finding these deals? Or a better question may be, how are they finding the commercial financing that’s giving them such incredible options? Well, in Tyler Cauble’s experience, it’s less about finding options, and more about making them.

Tyler’s been in the space for years, and used a no money down option to buy his first office building at age twenty-six! Since then, he’s been on a tear, buying up as much commercial real estate in Nashville as he can, all without overspending his (or his company’s) cash reserves. Today, Tyler walks through five different ways commercial real estate investors (or aspiring investors) can land a commercial property with no money needed at closing.

If you want Tyler to dig a little deeper into any of these strategies or would like him to discuss another commercial real estate topic, let us know in the comments below!

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01:27 1. Rent to Own
03:01 2. Seller Financing
04:54 3. Seller Credited Down Payments
06:37 4. SBA Loans
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