How to Buy Real Estate with NO MONEY Down w/Pace Morby

Want to know how to buy real estate with no money down? Talk to Pace Morby, the world’s leader in creative finance strategies. Pace takes credit for reviving the “subject to” method that’s helped so many real estate investors walk into rental properties, flips, or cash-flowing apartment complexes with zero dollars out of pocket. Of course, it’s all completely legal, and any investor can do it, but most don’t know w. to start.

Pace is changing how he’s getting deals done in 2023. He’s had to pivot strategies, much like Jamil has talked about, as the housing market has shifted from seller to buyer control. But, no matter what side you’re on, if you can use creative financing, you’re closer to winning than you think. Pace walks though exactly how these strategies work, what to look for when searching for potential real estate deals, how to talk to sellers, and which methods will work best in 2023.

He also gives details on acquiring a multimillion-dollar apartment complex, which was purchased with no money down, at a low interest rate, and won’t come due for decades to come. So if you want to start investing in real estate but don’t have the cash, these are the strategies you should follow!

00:00 The 2023 Creative Finance Comeback
01:33 Down Market = Opportunity
05:44: What’s Worth Buying?
08:03 A $16.9M Seller Finance Deal
12:34 Holding is The GOAL
15:46 Connect with Pace!

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