Is the Real Estate Market NEXT TO CRASH! | RedFin CEO NEW

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2022 has started as a bloodbath in the equity markets. The indexes are all down, and many popular tech stocks are being obliterated, headed to all time-lows. With so much red in the markets, many people are beginning to wonder if the housing market is next. After all, massive cost increases throughout the country have priced millions of potential buyers out of the market. Is this going to be their opportunity to finally make a play?

Now with the SP500 in freefall, and many tech stocks getting completely obliterated, many are pointing to markets like Tampa and expecting the same price action. Our favorite housing expert, Redfin CEO Glen Kelman was back on CNBC to explain what his predictions are for this year. The statements are shocking considering the market’s status right now, take a listen.


Another real estate bubble