Kiavi expands into Indiana, Kansas

“Kiavi’s entry into the Kansas and Indiana markets will be a major asset to real estate investors making an impact to communities through local home improvement projects,” he said. “The level of operations and exposure Kiavi has are invaluable, giving investors a leg up as they expand their portfolio into new markets. Kiavi’s role as both a lender and a strategic partner has been integral to help us scale our business nationally. We are excited about extending our relationship into Indiana with Kiavi’s data and innovative technology to assist and fund our deals in multiple markets.”

In a February interview with MPA, Kiavi officials touted the abundant opportunities to fix-and-flip homes in light of aging housing stock. With supply chain issues sparking heightened challenges for construction of new single-family homes – including key elements such as garage doors and gutters not arriving on time for buildout – investors could use all the advice they can get.

Enter Kiavi with a helpful primer on the alternative of fixing and flipping existing homes for quick profit – thus circumventing supply chain obstacles. The alternative is more viable given an aging housing stock. 

But even then, t. are key steps that must be taken before diving into house-flipping projects. To that end, Kiavi has provided a primer for investors.

“We have seen supply chain disruptions affect most industries and the housing industry is no different,” Stephanie Casper, vice president of sales at Kiavi, said at the time. “Two thirds of US homes are over 30 years old, and it makes it challenging for our customers who are helping revitalize America’s aged homes to deal with supply chain issues.”