Mortgage rates continue upwards movement, shows Moneyfacts

Specifically, the average rate for a two-year fix moved up 3 basis points, to 2.89% and the average rate for a three-year fix gained almost as much, with a 2 basis point rise taking it to 2.92%.

The average rate for a five-year fix also increased by 2 basis points, to 3.03%, and the average rate for a 10-year fix ticked up 1 basis point to end the week at 2.95%.

Two-year fixes

Here, both the 90% LTV average rate and 85% LTV average rate moved up 4 basis points, to 2.98% and 2.97%, respectively, while at 65% LTV, the average rate dropped 2 basis points, resting at 2.99%.

Three-year fixes

T. were two unusual moves, relatively speaking, at this fix. First, at 95% LTV, the average rate dropped 5 basis points to 3.21%, and the average rate at 65% LTV fell 78 basis points, with the price tumbling from 4.34% to 3.56%.

The biggest gain registered within this fix occurred at 50% LTV, w. the average rate shifted 8 basis points to 3.31%.

Five-year fixes

At 95% LTV, the average rate rose 3 basis points, to 3.40% and, at 85% LTV, a 4 basis point rise saw the average rate move to 3.10%.

Meanwhile, at 65% LTV, the average rate slipped by 3 basis points, moving down to 3.22%.

10-year fixes

A 5 basis point drop at 85% LTV saw the average rate come to 3.44% on Friday, and at 75% LTV, the average rate gained 2 basis points, moving to 2.76%.

Moneyfacts expert Eleanor Williams says: “Another week of activity from providers including rate increases in their latest changes sees the average fixed rates continue to climb as the residential sector remains fluid in the aftermath of three back-to-back base rate rises.

“This week saw Principality BS raise its fixed rates by as much as 0.61%, as well as relaunching and uplifting rates it had recently withdrawn. Lloyds Bank focused its re-pricing on selected fixed rates for remortgage borrowers, applying increases of up to 0.57%.

“Elsew., the NatWest group increased its fixed rates by up to 0.40% and also returned fixed rate deals with no fees to its suite of products, offering these with rates 0.30% higher than products with a £995 fee.

“Other changes this week include Santander which, as well as increasing selected fixed rates by up to 0.25%, withdrew a number of deals from sale. Generation Home put up rates across its range by 0.20%, with the exception of its products at 95% LTV.

“Skipton BS bucked the trend and included rate reductions of up to 0.23% on selected fixed and variable tracker rate products, while also adding new deals to its range.

“Updates also came from Scottish BS, which withdrew and replaced its Retirement interest-only mortgages, while Hodge withdrew a couple of its ‘50+’ deals this week. Accord Mortgages introduced new ‘Cascade Score’ fixed rates for those purchasing at 90% LTV who may have been declined a mortgage due to not meeting the lenders high LTV requirements.

“We are also continuing to record standard variable and revert rate updates, this week from providers which included Virgin Money, TSB, Post Office Money ® and AIB.”