Realestate market Berlin 2022 Sellers market? For Buyers and Sellers

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00:17 What is a Sellers Market
00:40 How does a Sellers market work?
01:37 Is Sellers market better than Buyers market?
02:21 Is Berlin realestate Market in 2022 a Sellers Market ?

Berlin 2022… Sellers Market ?
•What is a Sellers market ?

This term is applied to the real estate market to refer to the period of time when the interest in buying a home outstrips the available supplies. This gives to the sellers the ability to increase the prices .
•How does it work ?

A sellers market comes into formation when demand exceeds supply for a product or service.The seller of a house in a town with a good school system and limited inventory, would have firm control over setting the house price. Their house could invite multiple bids and it would not be unusual for bids to exceed the seller’s asking price. A buyer’s market is the opposite situation, w. supply exceeds the demand and t.fore the power resides with the buyer in terms of setting a price.
•Is sellers market better than Buyers market ?

Sellers better than Buyers? No . I think it always depend from wich point of view you look at things. What is your necessity and how can you make the best out of it in the current market.

If its a sellers market , make sure you are faster and more prepared than others to close a deal . If its a buyers market make your house stand out!

Considering the strong growth that the Real estate market in Berlin is witnessing and the amount of people that is still willing to move to Berlin I can say that Supply will soon be less than demand…especially in the areas inside the “ring”!
Besides that, Berlin still remain the best city in Europe wehre to invest long term!

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