Self employed with options on buying a home without tax returns

No income /No asset on Primary/second homes

By DDA Mortgage

06 Jun, 2022

No Doc Home Loans | No Income & No Asset Mortgages If you don’t want to share your tax returns or document your income, job, and assets, don’t worry. You can still own a home with a no-doc loan. What is a no-doc loan? The no doc loan is a type of mortgage that allows borrowers to get a mortgage with little or no documentation. This means that you don’t need to document your job, your income, or your assets. What you do need is two things: You need to have a down payment of 20% or more You need to have a credit score of over 640 Your rates will be higher than those on conventional loans because the lender has less .rmation about you and what they’re risking if they approve your application. The interest rate on a no doc loan is usually a point or higher than on a traditional loan. Who would want a no-doc loan? If you live in the north and are thinking of moving to Florida before you get a job, this might be the best loan for you! The no-doc loan is a great product individuals who are in-between jobs, for the self-employed or 1099 employees with less than 2 years employment, and those who may have a difficult time showing regular income. This is also a great product for investors who may have multiple properties or other assets and regularly reinvest. If you think a no-doc mortgage is right for you, give us a call (727) 784-5555 . We will crunch the numbers for you and determine what loan type might be best for you. Or, connect with us by completing the form below.