Should I Invest in Real Estate Now or Wait? (2021 Edition)

“Should I invest in real estate now or wait?” “Is now a good time to invest?” “What’s next for the housing market?” These are the questions Dave has been asked for months, and as the 2021 housing data has started to flow in, Dave has gotten a better picture of how exactly to answer these inquires.

While investing always carries some amount of risk, real estate investing may be one of the lowest-risk investments when done properly. Appreciation, cash flow, amortization, and tax benefits make this type of investing one of the most sought after in the United States, and the world.

But as the 2021 housing market continues to skyrocket up, are these benefits still tangible for regular investors?

If you’re on the fence deciding whether or not to buy your next rental property, house hack property, or even primary residence, sit back and enjoy some optimistic data that Dave has compiled specifically for a new real estate investor.
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00:00 Is Now the Time to Invest?
01:21 What Are Your Goals?
02:25 Real Estate in the Short-Term
05:50 Real Estate in the Long-Term
10:07 The BIGGEST Risk (That Isn’t So Risky)
14:27 Focus on the Long Run


Is now a good time to buy real estate