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Should I buy a home vs renting with inflation

By DDA Mortgage

13 Jun, 2022

Buying A Home Vs Renting A Home In An Inflationary Market In an inflationary market, buying a home is usually better than renting. Here’s why: Inflation is not transitory, it is going up, but for homeowners, their mortgage principal and interest payments will never change. Renters on the other hand will see rent increase with inflation. It doesn’t matter if you are renting a house or apartment, your rent will go up. Mortgage Expense And Your Budget Most renters understand this concept; however, they believe mortgages are more expensive and they can’t afford one. In general, this isn’t true. However, you do need to compare your rent payment to your potential future mortgage payment. The monthly payment on a mortgage is usually lower than the monthly rent payment for the same house or apartment, but not always. Try our mortgage calculator to see if your payments will be higher or lower, and compare your potential mortgage payments to your rent.