SME lender Shift upgrades broker platform

SME fintech lender Shift has made changes to its technology platform for brokers after hearing their feedback.

Launched last year, Shift Connect allows brokers to access a real-time view of their clients’ financial position. Brokers can access this .rmation to gain a deeper understanding of clients’ needs and have better conversations with clients.

Shift sales director Kristian McCausland (pictured) said the company has listened to brokers and their feedback about the need to access .rmation quickly and efficiently.

“This latest release is in response to brokers telling us that while accessing .rmation for clients is great, they really need it presented in a way that can take the process of reviewing and recommending products to a customer down from days or hours to minutes,’’ McCausland said.

He said Shift Connect provided brokers with an efficient and easy-to-use platform at no cost.

“Over time, Shift Connect should become an embedded part of a broker’s daily workflow,” he noted. “We’ve been working on this release since we rolled out Shift Connect last year.”

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Brokers can determine the best financial results for their clients through Shift Connect by running and viewing credit scores, seeing financial commitments with other lenders, including any missed payments, break down income and expense reports, check any adverse markers on credit files, and view the structure of the clients/businesses, including who the directors and shareholders are.

“With this release, we’ve created a dashboard that not only presents data, but takes it to the next level by turning it into actionable insights that brokers can use on-demand to engage with clients,” McCausland said.

Brokers can analyse .rmation in real time from streaming transactional banking data so they can easily see thresholds clients might be eligible for with asset finance and cashflow products.

Shift offered a beta version of the platform prior to launch to gauge feedback.

Grove Finance director Travis Keay said the new release’s data analysis fast-tracked the process of reviewing a client’s situation, so brokers could have the right conversations to assist them.

“T.’s so much .rmation to take in and various systems to use to get a full view of a customer, that it can be really time-consuming,” Keay said.

“What I’ve found with Shift Connect is that I can jump in, get a clear snapshot, and know the right questions to ask, which saves the client time and helps me add more value to their business.”

Shift has been conducting roadshows in Brisbane and Sydney to promote the updated Shift Connect platform and these will finish in Melbourne on March 22.