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Buy NOW or WAIT? Why I'm Buying A House NOW

Should you Buy Now or Wait? Inflation is still at recent highs while inventory is growing and demand is shrinking by the day. Should you buy now or wait for a housing crash? What should you consider when buying a house in the real estate market? In this video, I discuss why I’m considering buying […]

Buying a Flipped Home: Ask These Four Questions First!

You’re looking at available listings and see an eye-catching, fully remodeled home with the works. After doing a little research, you learn that the home was probably flipped. Perfect! Someone else did all the remodeling for you, so all you need to do is unpack your boxes and enjoy, right? Not so fast! Buying a […]

Buying a home using bank statements as income to qualify for a mortgage and what you need to know

Will mortgage lending get tighter in the next recession? The fact is we’re already at 2008 credit availability levels By DDA Mortgage • 14 Jul, 2022 • As recession talk becomes more prevalent, some people are concerned that mortgage credit lending will get much tighter. This typically happens in a recession, however, the notion that […]

Why You'll Regret Buying A Home In 2022

Here’s why 75% of recent home buyers have REGRETS about their purchase, and the mistakes that you should avoid anytime you want to buy real estate. Enjoy! Add me on .: GPStephan GET YOUR FREE STOCK WORTH UP TO $1000 ON PUBLIC – USE CODE GRAHAM: Trade Bitcoin, Doge, and other crypto with zero fees […]

Buying A Manufactured Home With Land Is An Option To Buy In The Area You Want

New home sales beat estimates, but what does it mean? Homebuilders have their own playbook By DDA Mortgage • 27 Jun, 2022 • New home sales beat the headline estimates and had positive revisions. How on earth did that happen? Not only that, the monthly supply data was revised lower from nine months to 8.3 […]

Canadian Buying Homes In Florida

Self employed with options on buying a home without tax returns By DDA Mortgage • 20 Jun, 2022 • If you’re self-employed, have 1099 income, or don’t have traditional income, it can be tough to buy a home. You might have a high income and excellent credit, but unless you can prove it with tax […]

Self employed with options on buying a home without tax returns

No income /No asset on Primary/second homes By DDA Mortgage • 06 Jun, 2022 • No Doc Home Loans | No Income & No Asset Mortgages If you don’t want to share your tax returns or document your income, job, and assets, don’t worry. You can still own a home with a no-doc loan. What […]

Renting vs. Buying a Home: Your Questions Answered

To rent or buy … As mortgage brokers, we get that question often! The answer is different for everyone. Building equity by purchasing a home often makes financial sense, but sometimes renting wins. Many of our clients are surprised when we suggest renting. It has received such a bad rap over the years. We’re mortgage […]

Buying a Home? Avoid These Three Common Pitfalls!

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve done this before, we can all agree that purchasing a home is daunting. All that paperwork, all that money and the mountains of uncertainty that come with it are enough to make buyers want to rent forever. What if you were confident that you could afford a home? […]

Advice on home buying during hot housing market in Florida

Homebuyers aren’t just dealing with limited inventory, they’re also up against competitive offers and rising interest rates. But one family hasn’t been discouraged. source Florida real estate forecast