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Busiest day for remortgage searches recorded last week: Twenty7Tec

Its latest update says that the seven-day rolling average of searches following the Bank of England’s decision was within 1% of the all time high set in February this year. The busiest day for mortgage searches was 7 Feb, with Twenty7Tec data showing the busiest day for buy-to-let searches was 9 Feb. While February and […]

Assumable Mortgages Save the Day Amidst Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are rising, and we’re unsure if we’re nearing a peak or if they will continue to soar. All we know is that they’ve nearly doubled in the past year, and this poses a problem for some of our clients at the mortgage desk. These days, home buyers are doing everything they can to […]

Mortgage Rates and Housing Market Update| Biggest ONE DAY move I have ever seen in Mortgage Rates

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