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Is it a good time to consider an ARM loan rather than a Fixed-rate Loan? You need to know the difference before you can decide.

Interest rates are certainly on the rise and from the looks of the current market, they are rising faster than we would like.  An adjustable-rate mortgage may make sense if you are trying to buy with the lowest possible rate without having to pay discount points. This product may keep you in the same purchase […]

What is the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what does it mean to you?

Solar Panels And How They Affect The Sale Of Your Home By Dottie Spitaleri • 16 Mar, 2022 • When you sell your home, t. may be a lien on the title for your solar panels. If the panels are not paid for, you need to pay them off. The amount is based on what […]

Why housing inventory is so low right now You have to understand the difference between the new and existing home sales markets

If I owe the IRS, will it affect my ability to buy a home? By Dottie Spitaleri • 30 Mar, 2022 • Do you owe the IRS? Will this affect your ability to buy a home? The answer is No provided you either pay the IRS in full or request the payment program through the […]

Closing Costs and Down Payment–Know the Difference and Know Your Options

T. is a big difference in financing a SFR (single family residence), Condo and a PUD (Planned Unit Development) and it is important that you are educated upfront! A Single-Family Residence (SFR) is intended for the use and occupancy of a single-family. They are Fee Simple Estates which is the greatest interest one can have […]

Buyers Vs Sellers Market What is The Difference?

What is a sellers market or a buyers market is a common question I get asked so in this video I share the difference between Buyers vs sellers market the seller’s market can be one of the hardest challenges for any property buyer and I go through the reasons why in this video Difference between […]

Difference Between Sellers Market And Buyers Market. [ Is It

If you are in the market for a new home then you’ve may have wondered the difference between sellers market and buyers market. You may have asked is it a buyers or sellers market now? If so then you will find the .rmation in this video very useful. I break down the difference between a […]