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Redfin reaches settlement in discrimination lawsuit

Redfin has reached a settlement with the National Fair Housing Alliance regarding a federal lawsuit in which the nonprofit accused the real estate company of perpetuating redlining practices through its policies. Redfin will, among other changes, eliminate its minimum housing price policy, which determined who could access its services, according to a settlement filed Friday […]

Bank of America settles fair housing discrimination claim

Bank of America has entered into an agreement with a mortgage applicant who was allegedly told their loan would not be approved until one family member returned to work following maternity leave. “Respondents deny having discriminated against complainants but agree to settle the claims in the underlying action by entering into this conciliation agreement,” the […]

New York City shuns Wells Fargo over discrimination claims

New York City won’t open new depository accounts with Wells Fargo in response to mounting allegations of discrimination against Black homeowners, municipal leaders said. The bank is facing several civil suits, and was the subject of a Bloomberg report which alleged that, among other discrepancies, that the bank rejected over half of Black applicants seeking […]