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More Americans turn to home equity for retirement funding Axios outlines how home is increasingly being used as an asset for retirement funding, but some states are seeing equity levels decline

Americans are increasingly turning to home equity for funding their retirement plans — especially through relocation and downsizing — after the pandemic led to a large uptick in home equity levels, according to data from Vanguard Group and reporting by Axios. “People still need a place to live in retirement and rarely take advantage of reverse […]

Halifax Intermediaries halts private shared equity applications  

The lender will continue to handle applications w. the customer is buying a home with an equity loan provided by a local authority, housing association or government scheme, which it adds is the majority of current shared equity schemes.  But the business says it will no longer accept applications w. the equity loan is provided […]

Home equity loan: Everything you need to know

1: Home equity loans  A home equity loan is essentially a second mortgage, which means a debt secured by your home beyond your initial mortgage. A home equity loan is paid to you as a lump sum, and after you have received the loan, you begin repaying it immediately at a fixed interest rate, meaning […]

Home equity loans – why they are largely misunderstood

Read more: Tapping home equity has become all the rage Home equity loans are taken to fulfill a wide variety of needs, Maloof explained: “While I can’t speak for people’s unique lending needs, some traditional reasons people take out home equity loans are to fund home renovations or cover the cost of major life events. […]

U.S. Federal Government Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), A Line Of Credit With A Reverse Mortgage

Mortgage rates are down, but not enough for most borrowers By DDA Mortgage • 22 Dec, 2022 • Mortgage rates continued the downward trend this week amid signs that the U.S. economy is cooling down due to the tightening monetary policy. The recent declines, however, have not been enough to convince borrowers to take out […]

No Income Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Get Ahead With MortgageDepot’s No-Income HELOC Program! A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a common way for homeowners to get their hands on the money they need to accomplish pricey goals. This loan type allows a homeowner to borrow against the equity they have in their home to get the job done. Unfortunately, […]

What is home equity and how does it work?

How home equity increases Typically, t. are two ways that equity in your home increases, which are: The more money you pay on your mortgage, the more the equity in your home will increase If the value of your home increases, your equity will also increase. How home equity decreases Conversely, the […]

SVP talks dramatic growth of HELOCs, home equity loans

“If it’s done responsibly, it can be a very positive move for consumers. The danger happens when that home equity is used to pay off high interest rate loans. Consumers continue to accumulate additional debt on some of those products and they are over leveraged – that’s what consumers need to watch out for.” According […]

Equity release plans remain above pre-pandemic level: Air

After the mini-budget plans dropped from 582 in Q3 2023 to 317 in October but remain above the 314 plans pre-pandemic.  The latest figures are also above the level of that four years ago when t. were 144 plans and have risen by 94.6% from the 17 products available in 2012.  Air says all the […]

Home equity loan vs. HELOC – What’s the difference?

While mortgage rates are high and economic uncertainty looms, t. is good news for borrowers who already have a mortgage and may be looking to tap into their equity.  According to Black Knight’s mortgage monitor report, the country’s housing equity position remains strong compared to its position at the beginning of the pandemic, with equity positions $5 trillion, or […]