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Single family rentals will face headwinds from home owner communities, says Don Peebles

ShareShare Article via FacebookShare Article via .Share Article via LinkedInShare Article via E. Don Peebles, chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss the real estate market. Miami will continue to appreciate while single family rentals will face opposition from home owner communities, he says. source

Tenants face £100 shortfall on rent payments

Around 56% of private renters relying on the benefit have this average three-figure gap a month, according to the landlord’s body The landlord’s body says its study comes after the government froze housing benefit rates in cash terms last April, and calls on the administration to unfreeze the Local Housing Allowance to cover average rents. […]

Many homebuyers face surprise repair costs soon after moving in

Pixelseffect | E+ | Getty Images Buying a home? Don’t forget to budget for repair costs. Most homeowners (77%) have dealt with an unexpected issue that required paying for a repair in their first year of owning their house, according to a survey from insurance firm Hippo. Two-thirds of them spent more than $1,000 to […]