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What is the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what does it mean to you?

Solar Panels And How They Affect The Sale Of Your Home By Dottie Spitaleri • 16 Mar, 2022 • When you sell your home, t. may be a lien on the title for your solar panels. If the panels are not paid for, you need to pay them off. The amount is based on what […]

Fannie Mae cuts origination projection, forecasts recession in 2023

Fannie Mae has lowered its mortgage origination forecasts for 2022 and 2023 due to the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) aggressive inflation-fighting monetary policy and corresponding volatility in the mortgage market. Fannie’s Economic and Strategic Research (ESR) Group dropped its projected single-family mortgage origination volume for 2022 from $3 trillion to $2.8 trillion. It also downsized the 2023 forecast from […]

Fannie Mae economist on the probability of a recession

Duncan explained that the Fed’s rate hike would likely push mortgage rates to around 5%. Consequently, refinances will continue to decline, and the pace of home sales will slow down. However, Duncan expects the upward trend in house prices to continue, becoming more of a constraint to higher interest rates. “Unquestionably, the probability of recession […]

Fannie Mae CEO and board members to exit

Read next: Fannie Mae chief financial officer to resign Succeeding Frater on an interim basis is company president David Benson. During his 20-year tenure at Fannie, Benson has served in several C-suite positions, including executive vice president and chief financial officer. He is also currently a member of the board of managers at Common Securitization […]

Will Fannie Mae’s new tack on title broaden use of alternatives?

Fannie Mae’s new policy of allowing attorney-opinion letters as alternatives to title insurance “in limited circumstances” might eventually have more growth potential than that phrasing might suggest, according to technology company Voxtur. Acknowledging historic roadblocks to title insurance alternatives — such as a past attempt by Radian that ran into opposition from both an industry […]

Fannie Mae Chair Bair, CEO Frater to leave May 1

A pair of key figures at Fannie Mae are leaving the company, as Chairwoman Sheila Bair is resigning as of May 1, and CEO Hugh Frater is retiring. Replacing Bair is former Wells Fargo executive Michael Heid. He was executive vice president of home lending at the parent company from 1997 until his retirement in […]

Fannie Mae incentivizes voucher acceptance by multifamily borrowers

Fannie Mae is starting to offer pricing incentives to multifamily borrowers if they accept Department of Housing and Urban Development vouchers from tenants. The incentives for property owners, which will lower the rate on apartment building mortgages initially by 10 to 15 basis points, are currently available for certain North Carolina and Texas properties. Landlords […]

Nearly $2B in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac servicing is up for sale

Mortgage Industry Advisory Corp. is brokering for an unnamed mortgage banker a $1.94 billion Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage servicing rights portfolio. The offering comes at a time when a number of industry participants, including executives at Rocket Cos. during its fourth quarter earnings call, are commenting on an uptick in MSR sales activity. […]