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FHA approves restructure of existing home loans in default, extending mortgage terms to 40 years, allowing mortgagees to further reduce monthly payments. This and more in our housing market update. #housingmarketcrash #realestatenews #mortgagenews Todd Sachs is a Maryland Real Estate Broker and not a Lender, CPA, Attorney, or Financial Advisor. Any .rmation provided in this […]

FHA Loans: Flexible Options for First-Time Homebuyers with MortgageDepot

As a mortgage broker, we understand that buying a home can be a challenging process, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our clients obtain the best loan options available. One of the programs we offer is FHA loans. FHA loans are a popular choice among homebuyers, particularly those who […]

FHA to greenlight stand-alone 40-year modification

The Federal Housing Administration is moving forward with a proposal that would help people with hardships make their mortgage payments more manageable. Under the policy change, which follows a public notice and comment period last year, borrowers will be able to get a so-called stand-alone 40-year modification. Modifications are used to make loans more affordable […]

FHA is dropping the monthly PMI factor to a .55 from .85

Retirement nest egg isn’t enough for many people, expert says By Didier Malagies • 23 Feb, 2023 • The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt by those in or near retirement for years to come, exposing retirement issues that have been building for decades. Because of that, many of the traditional savings methods […]

NEW FHA Loan Requirements 2023 – How much can you afford? – FHA Loan 2023

Are you a first time home buyer interested in buying a house using an fha loan in the 2023 housing market but unsure how much home you can afford? How do you calculate your debt to income based on the FHA loan requirements for 2023? What credit scores do you need? How much down payment […]

What the Fed's Recent Announcement Means For Housing in 2023

Student Loan Debt Relief → Are you looking for a mortgage advisor who can understand your unique scenario or someone who is licensed in all 50 States as well as Puerto Rico? Then you are on the right channel! I can help you whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or with any type of loan […]

High-risk defaults could be ‘canary in the coal mine’ for mortgage market

Mortgage defaults are climbing among the highest-risk category of borrowers, a trend seen by some as a bellwether of a weakening economy.  The rate of early payment defaults — defined as at least two missed payments within the first six months of a mortgage — has doubled during the past year for borrowers of Federal […]

The Real Estate Market is Shifting – and Here's How to Profit From It

Are you looking for a mortgage advisor or do you want to chat about your mortgage scenario? I am licensed in all 50 States for all your needs mortgage advice or a mortgage coach, then this is the right channel for you! For the Fastest Service please call us at (844)775-5626 Get Started on your […]

The FHA 203(h) Program Helps Disaster Victims Rebuild

When disaster strikes, it brings a wave of uncertainty. After months of making daily decisions about your family’s well-being, the time comes to rebuild your life. At this point, securing safe, permanent housing is a top priority. Will lenders offer mortgages to people starting from scratch, or do they place them in a high-risk, avoid-at-all-costs […]

A Quick Guide to Understanding FHA Loans

Are you a first-time homebuyer with limited cash for a down payment? Has your credit history seen better days? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we want you to know that you have options at the mortgage desk. One of those options is an FHA loan. The FHA is a government organization […]