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How to get your property development financed

In this week’s episode, we talk about the basic considerations for getting your property development financed. Starting with the right site, considering what lenders like and dislike, and commercial considerations and hard numbers over pipe dreams. source How to get financed


An equity investment can be structured in a number of ways. For example, an investor could be a stockholder in a corporation, a non-managing member of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a limited partner in a partnership. However, the most typical structure for independent film financing is the LLC and I primarily will be […]

How To Get Customers Financed? – Project cost has skyrocketed and customers need affordable options!

Dan and Cannon come back from Memorial Day weekend and discuss the AFA’s new Facebook Page (The Fence Professionals Network) 🔹 Creative ways to get customers financed 🔹 Using text replacement on your phone to respond quicker and professionally to customer via text 🔹 Wood prices climbing and the shortage of it 🔹 Talking about […]

How I Financed My 2020 Ford Transit Campervan Conversion and the Best Alternatives

The fourth episode of my DIY campervan conversion with Betty, my 2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van. Detailing how I financed my van purchase and the $35,000 estimated up fit, as well as the next best alternatives I researched. Vehicle Financing Options – Cash: Opportunity Cost – Personal Auto Loan – 2.3%, “non-commercial” vehicles, medium repayment […]

How to Get Financed for a House | 3 Steps to Get the Best

When you are looking to buy a home most people start house hunting, but there important steps to complete in order to get the best house for your money. In this video we take a look at the 3 important steps to get the best financing ============================================================= If you are thinking about selling your home […]

How To Get Financed For Real Estate Loans In 2021 With

William Zeigler is an expert in everything involving finance, SBA Real Estate loans and FHA loans, conventional loans, commercial real estate and commercial real estate loans, mortgage rates, and more. It’s important to understand financing if you want to get far in Real Estate, and hopefully that’s the case, because William is extremely experienced in […]

How to get your QLA deals financed by banks? – Dan Pena |

MUST WATCH FULL SEMINAR VIDEOS DAY 1: Creating Your Personal Foundation for Success – Dan Pena’s Full 3-Day Seminar DAY 2: Creating Your Dream Team in Business & Life – Dan Pena’s Full 3-Day Seminar DAY 3: Your Quantum Leap Action Plan – Dan Pena’s Full 3-Day Seminar Dan Pena’s FULL QLA Hard Core 6-Day […]