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2022 USDA Requirements ZERO Money Down – Hear Directly From USDA!

USDA Loans may be the best kept secret in America. In this video I interview a USDA official to understand exactly why this zero down payment mortgage is so great! You can use the 2022 USDA loan to buy land and build, new contruction, and resale homes. 🏘️USDA Eligiblity Site – (Both the Guaranteed & […]

Mortage Interest Rates Are UP – Should You Buy A House Now Or Wait ?

Mortgage Interest rates are on the rise as The Fed begins to raise rates, is it still worth buying a home as a first time home buyer? 🟢March Madness Video – Why is The Fed Raising Rates? – Recommended Sites ⭐Daily Rate Lock Recommendations: ⭐Daily Interest Rates By State: ⭐Mortgage Calculator: 🟢Ready to Buy a […]

Should You Buy a House in 2022? US Housing Market Prediction for 2022

Are you a first time home buyer wondering Should you buy a house in 2022? Should you BUY NOW or WAIT? Are you concerned about a housing crash or worried about the current housing market forecast 2022? What things should you considering if you’re wanting to buy a home in the 2022 Housing Market? In […]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Is now a good time to buy a house? With lumber prices skyrocketing, supply chain issues, and material and labor shortages everywhere you look, should you even consider building a new home right now? That’s what Im talking about today so stick around because by the end of this video you’ll have a better understanding […]