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Miami-based firm’s “three major food groups” – a recipe for growth?

Inevitably, if you mention ‘real estate’ and ‘Florida’ in the same sentence, the issue of Russian money comes up. With so many wealthy Russians having either bought properties or settled in the state – Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida is known as ‘Little Moscow’ for a reason – and with President Biden now vowing […]

Buyers Market or Sellers Market?

Buyers Market or Sellers Market? 👀 Watch the Full Podcast → Licensed Agent: Madeline “Maddy” Franco-Sofield Licensed Agent: Alexis Ortiz Sofield Great Expectations Realty, LLC 3201 SW 34 Ave Ocala, FL 34474 ☎️ Contact Us → 📖 Follow Us on Facebook → Maddy: → Alexis: 📱 Follow Us on IG → Maddy: → Alexis: 🖥 […]

Florida's Housing Market Is About To Go INSANE!

Florida Real Estate is about to go CRAZY! Add me on insta .thisisjohnwilliams Subscribe to my Second .: ✅ 🗳️Learn from John ✅ . Success Blueprint: Wealth Academy: Real Estate Investing – GOLD Package: One on One Call: Let’s Connect on: .: TikTok: .: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: .johnwilliamsbiz The real estate market has gone insane in […]

Florida's Housing Market is about to BLOW UP (2008 ALL OVER AGAIN?)

Florida Home Prices CRASHED by 50% the last time this happened… Home Values across Florida are up a massive 28% YoY in early 2022 according to data from Zillow. Meanwhile, homes for sale are at an all-time low while people are moving to Florida at near-record numbers. Is this another Florida Housing Bubble? And will […]

ORLANDO Real Estate Market JANUARY 2022 with Top Mortgage

The Current Real Estate Market Numbers for Orlando, Oviedo and all of Central Florida for January 2022. Inventory is back down to historical low numbers. Also its interesting to see how all the numbers shook about here in Central Florida and really all over Florida. Rayce Robinson, the top Orlando Mortgage Broker here in Central […]

Real Estate MEGA BUBBLE BLOWS UP in these 5 STATES! (Avoid

5 STATES in are in a Housing Market MEGA BUBBLE in 2022. Home buyers and real estate investors in these states should be very careful. Because a brutal HOUSING CRASH could be coming. Home Prices across America are up by 20-30% over the last year across many states. Real Estate Markets across Idaho, Montana, Arizona, […]

Florida Real Estate Market Update | Housing Market Inventory

Florida Real Estate Market Update | Housing Market Inventory 2022 Everyone knows by now that the housing market for the last almost 2 years has been on fire. Florida is one of those states that has experienced this frenzy even more than many other states across the country. It has been a seller’s market and […]

Bank statement mistakes NOT to make when applying for a

Bank Statements when getting a mortgage are an important part of getting a mortgage when you buy a home an qualify for a mortgage. In this video Rayce Robinson looks at one of the important steps to qualify for a mortgage in sourcing your cash to close, including gift funds and using Cash. Using Cash […]

What to expect in the 2022 Housing Market Florida

2022 Housing Market Florida Predictions In today’s video, we get deep on what everyone’s possibly in for in the 2022 Housing Market. Will the crazy past 12 months, the timing seemed right to hash out this very important subject matter! Make sure to check out all the helpful resources below, thanks for watching, and hope […]