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Forbearance rate drops below 1%, lowest level since June 2020 The total number of loans in forbearance decreased by 11 basis points to 0.94% in April

Servicers’ forbearance portfolio volume dropped in April to a level below 1%, with fewer than half a million borrowers remaining with an active plan, according to the monthly Loan Monitoring Survey conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). That’s good news after the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic hit borrowers hard, making it difficult for Americans to pay their mortgages. […]

Buy NOW or WAIT? Should you Buy A House in 2022?

Should you Buy Now or Wait? Inflation is out of control, Interest rates are rising along with a decline in buyer demand? Should you buy now or wait for a housing crash? In this video, I discuss the changes that we are currently seeing in the housing market and what you need to consider as […]

The End Of The Crazy Hot Housing Market

Have home prices PEAKED with Rising Interest Rates and Slowing Buyer Demand? Is this the end of the crazy hot housing market?Should you Buy Now or Wait for a Housing Crash? The Real Estate Market is starting to cool but does that mean we will finally see price decline or a crash in prices? In […]

Buy Now or Wait? | The Housing Market is Broken

Have home prices PEAKED with Rising Interest Rates? Should you Buy Now or Wait for a Housing Crash? Will we finally start to see a normal housing market? In this video, we discuss my thoughts on how the latest rise in mortgage rates will likely change the 2022 housing market in a way to give […]

Many distressed loans that never got forbearance predate 2009

The share of mortgages 90-plus days past due and never in forbearance is high, but many of them had troubles predating the pandemic, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s latest report shows. Sixty-three percent of the 487,976 seriously delinquent mortgages not in loss mitigation never entered forbearance, but 60% of those loans were pre-2009 originations, […]

Forbearance rate declined to just 1.18% in February In total, about 590,000 homeowners were in forbearance plans as of February 28

Servicers’ forbearance portfolio volume dropped in February for the 21st-consecutive month, with more borrowers current on their mortgage payments due to improvements in the economy and viable loss mitigation options. The total number of loans in forbearance decreased by 12 basis points, from 1.30% in January to 1.18% in February, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). In total, about 590,000 homeowners […]

Buy NOW or WAIT? What to EXPECT when BUYING a HOUSE in 2022

Are you sitting on the sidelines waiting for a Housing Crash or The Housing Bubble to Pop or waiting for a Foreclosure Wave? Should you Buy Now or Wait for a Change in the Housing Market as we head into the 2022 Housing Market? In this video, I give you my Housing Market Forecast as […]