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More Americans turn to home equity for retirement funding Axios outlines how home is increasingly being used as an asset for retirement funding, but some states are seeing equity levels decline

Americans are increasingly turning to home equity for funding their retirement plans — especially through relocation and downsizing — after the pandemic led to a large uptick in home equity levels, according to data from Vanguard Group and reporting by Axios. “People still need a place to live in retirement and rarely take advantage of reverse […]

Top Originator Spotlight: Julia Jackson Taylor of Mattamy Home Funding

Julia Jackson Taylor: My mortgage journey was a natural transition! I started with Bank of America as a short sale negotiator and was quickly promoted to a number of positions in that department. A former classmate of mine worked on the same campus, and we bumped into each other at lunch. He told me about […]

Top Originator Spotlight: Tina Hogan of Network Funding

TH: Last year, I was given a referral by our local housing authority. They had homes that they owned that had been rented out to underserved families. The housing authority was now selling these homes to the families that had been renting for many years. After talking to the lead, she referred two of her […]

AmeriFirst Financial stopped funding loans in December

AmeriFirst Financial is closing shop, an executive from the Mesa, Arizona-based company confirmed. Many of its employees are said to be heading over to American Pacific Mortgage. The lender stopped funding loans at the end of December, citing a tough market for its decision to exit the origination business after 35 years. In over three […]

Why lenders are returning to FHLBs for funding

Strong loan growth has lenders returning to the Federal Home Loan banks for advances, with lenders tapping the FHLBs to fund their loans again after mostly shunning them during the pandemic.  The uptick reflects a reversal of a dominant trend across the banking industry the last two years: the large glut of deposits with few […]

Fintech startup Orchard seeks $75 million in convertible funding

Orchard, a startup that offers cash to homebuyers upfront so they can purchase a new residence before selling their old one, is seeking to raise about $75 million, according to people with knowledge of the matter.  Led by Chief Executive Officer Court Cunningham, Orchard is attempting to raise the funds through a convertible note slated […]

CRE firm looks to expand again with $170 million in new funding secured

“Commercial real estate is one of the largest industries on the planet and has somehow completely resisted the fintech revolution that has taken over virtually every other industry in the past decade,” Zar said. “We’ve been blessed with the right team, building the right products in a gigantic industry, and that’s the driver behind our […]

Fintech firm Propflo closes pre-seed funding

The platform includes an ‘Experian-like’ proprietary property score that homeowners can add context to, as well as sustainability insights and support to prepare sellers and buyers. It was founded by proptech entrepreneur Luke Loveridge, chief executive of the firm, and geospatial and risk data scientist Dr Daniel Moyo.   The business has a strong advisory team including […]

How I Buy and Finance My Supercar Collection! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 38

Let’s talk about the finance side of my car collection and how I work with Approved Motor Finance to buy and manage the money side of the supercars. We’ve also got a second Lamborghini in the garage, and plenty of progress cleaning up the Shmuseum! T.’s no specific formula behind how to buy and pay […]

Step By Step Guide To Accounts Receivable Financing–Fast Funding With No Credit Requirements

Step By Step Guide To Accounts Receivable Financing WHAT IS ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING? • Accounts receivable financing is asset-based financing that allows business owners to access capital that is secured by outstanding invoices. • An accounts receivable financing company will advance you up to 100% of the value of a given outstanding invoice. • The […]