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Homeowner equity grows across US – report

Florida showed the second biggest increase, up from 46.6% to 53.6%, followed by California, up from 53.7% to 60.5%. On the flip side, states w. the equity-rich share of mortgaged homes decreased the most between last year’s fourth quarter and Q1 this year were South Dakota, down from 36% to 32.3%, Mississippi, down from 26.3% […]

Guild’s profit grows from servicing, purchase focus

Guild Mortgage’s servicing numbers and concentration on purchases led the company to a nearly fourfold first-quarter income gain, but company officials also indicated layoffs and turbulence lay ahead. Guild Holdings, parent of the San Diego-based lender and servicer, reported net income of $208 million for the first three months of the year, up from $42.2 […]

Rents climb markedly as cost of living grows

Tenants will end up paying more than ever on rent and bills, with an average of 54% of household income set to be spent on these in 2022.  This is an increase from the 52% figure in 2021.  Last year, record-breaking rental growth meant the average household spent 42% of post-tax income on rent alone.   […]