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WARNING to BUYERS and SELLERS | 2022 Real Estate Market Is Changing!

Description: 🚨 Warning 🚨 Housing market prices change rapidly, and you don’t want to get burned. So, whether you’re the buyer or the seller, how can you avoid losing up to tens of thousands of dollars in a volatile market? In today’s video, I’m offering up some advice to avoid losing money on real estate, […]

Top 10 Hottest Real Estate Markets of 2022!

2022 is looking like another year of double digit growth in real estate but which markets are going to be the hottest and experience the most appreciation in 2022? Well Zillow, Redfin and realtor.com all have different opinions. On this video, Find out their top 10 predictions and why! Wholesaling & House Flipping Software: ———————————————- […]

Housing affordability plunged in February

The combination of rising interest rates and surging housing prices drove the most rapid decline in affordability in more than 30 years, according to First American. Researchers at the real estate services provider determined that affordability decreased 30.6% year over year in February, the largest margin since First American began tracking the metric. On a […]

Will Home Prices DROP in 2022? Buy Now or Wait?

Buy now or wait? This is the most common question I get and I can understand w. people are coming from with spiking rates, record low inventory and record high home prices. So in today’s housing market update, I’m going to shed some light on this topic. ➜➜➜ Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate […]

Mortgage Rates SKYROCKET to 5% and… Pending Home Sales Decline

The average 30yr fixed rate mortgage surged to 5% today to the highest levels since November 2018! Mortgage rates have now skyrocketed 1% in the last ~3 weeks! In today’s housing market update, I share some possible ramifications of this surge in interest rates and what would need to happen for a housing market crash. […]

Which major city is seeing home prices go through the roof?

Comparing prices that were available to baby boomers – the generation that was the offspring of the so-called Greatest Generation – Millennials have an uphill climb in achieving homeownership. The calculus yields yet another sobering statistic: “Baby boomers when they were 30, the average home price was $82,800 for Millennials, it’s $313,000. It’s increased 393% […]

The Housing Market is Out of Control

Homebuyers seemed to be unfazed by spiking mortgage interest rates, the unrest in Ukraine, the stock market declining and skyrocketing inflation. This is because home prices have once again reached all time record highs according to Redfin. In today’s video, I share the latest 2022 housing market updates for the US housing market so you […]

Housing Prices Just Got CRAZY! (Housing Market update)

The housing market is going crazy. What is happening to the prices of homes? The housing market crash make prices go down or up? Let’s talk about it. Important JOIN THE COMMUNITY ▶︎ 🏡 Real Estate Beginners Course: 💳 Improve Your Credit Scores Instantly for Free: 📝Check Your Credit Report & FICO Score: 🏦 Get […]

Is NOW the Best Time to Buy a House OR Should You WAIT Until 2023?

The 2022 housing market is off to a fast start! But, is it a good time to buy a house? Only 15% of Millennials & Gen Z’ers think now is the best time to buy a house. But what about you? Is now is the best time to buy a house or should you wait? […]

3 Reasons Why the Red-Hot Housing Market Could Cool in 2022

U.S. housing market prices rose to their highest ever in 2021, with double-digit increases in home values that kept many hopeful homebuyers on the sidelines. But price increases are expected to cool in 2022 thanks to a number of economic factors. Here’s what’s driving the market and the impact that will have on prospective buyers […]