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Adjustable-rate mortgage demand surges to 14-year high, as homebuyers try to afford this pricey spring market

A newly sold home is shown in Houston, Texas. Brandon Bell | Getty Images It could be more listings on the market, or perhaps just fear that interest rates will move even higher, but homebuyers are showing more demand for mortgages. They are, however, turning even more to adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), which offer lower rates. […]

This Is Why Higher Interest Rates Are Good For Homebuyers And Bad For Sellers

This Is Why Higher Interest Rates Are Good For Homebuyers And Bad For Sellers. You know a higher interest rate means a higher interest payment. That is a given. However, as a buyer, higher interest rates do three things. They push investors out of the housing market, they stabilize home prices, and they push uneducated […]

Homebuilders’ woes coming from many directions

Read next: Here’s how much lumber costs have added to new home prices Labor shortages aren’t an issue, he said, but those shortages put things on hold: “We don’t necessarily have a labor shortage, but we can’t start because of potential delays.” Sub-zero refrigerators and Viking ranges are all the rage among luxury supplies, but […]

Homebuyers Go Into FORECLOSURE With Adjustable Rate Mortgages | Housing Market Crash

Homebuyers are making rash decisions by taking adjustable-rate mortgages. This Housing Market is a rough one and is unpredictable. Especially with a housing market crash approaching. Let’s talk about it. Important JOIN THE COMMUNITY ▶︎ 🏡 Real Estate Beginners Course: 🚪 Free Foreclosure List Signup! 📝Check Your Credit Report & FICO Score: 🏦 Get Into […]

Many homebuyers face surprise repair costs soon after moving in

Pixelseffect | E+ | Getty Images Buying a home? Don’t forget to budget for repair costs. Most homeowners (77%) have dealt with an unexpected issue that required paying for a repair in their first year of owning their house, according to a survey from insurance firm Hippo. Two-thirds of them spent more than $1,000 to […]

Mortgage Rates SKYROCKET to 5% and… Pending Home Sales Decline

The average 30yr fixed rate mortgage surged to 5% today to the highest levels since November 2018! Mortgage rates have now skyrocketed 1% in the last ~3 weeks! In today’s housing market update, I share some possible ramifications of this surge in interest rates and what would need to happen for a housing market crash. […]

Homebuyers are really beginning to feel the squeeze Median mortgage application monthly payment climbed to $1,653 in February

The one-two punch of higher mortgage rates and escalating home prices reduced homebuyers’ ability to buy homes in February. The trend is also likely to worsen in the coming months. The national median monthly mortgage payment settled in loan applications increased 8.3%, from $1,526 in January to $1,653 in February, according to a survey published […]

The Housing Market is Out of Control

Homebuyers seemed to be unfazed by spiking mortgage interest rates, the unrest in Ukraine, the stock market declining and skyrocketing inflation. This is because home prices have once again reached all time record highs according to Redfin. In today’s video, I share the latest 2022 housing market updates for the US housing market so you […]

Mortgage rates: First-time homebuyers 'may have a

Realtor.com Economic Research Manager George Ratiu joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss mortgage rate price forecasts, the Fed’s rate hikes, and real estate trends. Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes WATCH HERE: Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube: Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: About Yahoo Finance: At […]

Alert: The Real Estate Market Continues to Cool Off

The US housing market continues to slow down. In today’s housing market update, I share the latest details about home prices, housing inventory as well as the latest news for mortgage loan forbearance and mortgage interest rates. ➜➜➜ Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area ➜➜➜ Or, . me if you’re […]