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Advice on home buying during hot housing market in Florida

Homebuyers aren’t just dealing with limited inventory, they’re also up against competitive offers and rising interest rates. But one family hasn’t been discouraged. source Florida real estate forecast

Buyers prepping for a hot spring market: B of A

In a sign of how hot the housing market remains, a significant share of prospective homeowners are looking to snap up properties quickly, a Bank of America survey found. Nearly two-thirds of potential homebuyers indicated they would make an offer on a property on the same day of viewing, and a subset of that group […]

The efforts and complications of trying to cool Canada's hot housing market

Canada’s housing market may be cooling for now, but owning a home is still out of reach for many Canadians. Royal LePage predicts prices could surge an additional 15 per cent by the end of 2022. Mike Drolet looks at the efforts to tame the market, and the ripple effects. Plus, Canada’s federal government also […]

The End Of The Crazy Hot Housing Market

Have home prices PEAKED with Rising Interest Rates and Slowing Buyer Demand? Is this the end of the crazy hot housing market?Should you Buy Now or Wait for a Housing Crash? The Real Estate Market is starting to cool but does that mean we will finally see price decline or a crash in prices? In […]

Real estate pro Ivy Zelman sees the housing market staying hot after a strong 2021

Ivy Zelman, Zelman and Associates CEO, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss how supply chain challenges are affecting the housing markets, why the booming housing market is lasting longer than she expected and what stocks in the housing world are best set up for growth. source Hottest real estate markets in usa

Is the hot housing market starting to cool?

If you have been in the market for a home recently, then you know — it’s crazy out there. Houses are selling quickly, often for thousands over the asking price. It has been driven by a big increase in demand and record-low mortgage rates. Realtor.com reports there are signs that things are starting to change. […]