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Is real estate in Florida’s top cities heading for a crash? This comprehensive update over Florida’s top housing markets will remove doubt that this market is shifting. You will not believe what is happening in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, specifically. In this NEW March Update for the Florida Real Estate market update, we cover the […]

A Warning To The Housing Market

Housing Affordability is at the lowest level in a decade as a major recession indicator just flashed its loudest warning ever as Fed Chair Powell signals higher interest rates suggesting a hard landing could be coming. Will House Prices Crash or Stabilize along with inflation moderating? Will we see the pivot the FED Pivot in […]

Alarming Trends Emerging in the US Housing Market

It’s a bumpy road ahead for the US housing market as mortgage rates have surged over the past month (from around 6% for an average 30yr fixed to 7%). On top of that, t.’s more than 60% more homes for sale now compared to a year earlier. In today’s video, I share my own analysis […]

Jobs Report Crushes Mortgage Rates? | Orlando Weekly Housing Market Update

This mornings jobs report of 517000 new jobs is crushing the bond market and forcing mortgage rates higher. Home affordability has hit an all time low. With sales inventory low and prices holding stronger than many had expected, what can buyer’s do to still purchase their dream home. Join Joseph Dionne of Appli Home Loans […]

YIKES! Housing Market Crash ? Cooling Real Estate & High Interest Rates

Yikes! The housing market has cooled, and are interest rates to spike again? In this video, Paul Gabrail and Mo Hussein will assess the current housing market conditions and determine whether you should buy or sell a home now, among other valuable home investment tips. Check it out! #housingmarket #everythingmoney 🚨 7-Day EM Software Trial […]

Phoenix Housing Crash Getting BAD (200% SURGE in Homes for Sale)

Phoenix’s Housing Crash is getting BAD. Along with cities like Austin, Salt Lake, Nashville, and Tampa, w. Homes For Sale (aka Inventory) has surged over the last year. A signal that Home Prices will continue dropping throughout 2023. JOIN as a Reventure . MEMBER: Inventory Data comes from Realtor.com’s Listing Database: Median Sale Price Data […]

Housing Market Fighting Over The Most Affordable Homes

The housing market is currently in a frenzy, with buyers and investors vying for the most affordable homes. In this podcast, we take a closer look at the factors driving this competition and what it means for home buyers. From low-interest rates to a lack of inventory, the competition for budget-friendly homes is becoming increasingly […]


Here is your January Orlando Housing Market update. Is the Orlando Housing market HOT or COLD? Are prices rising or dropping. We have some interesting data to share. And let’s just say we are as surprised as you might be. OUR WEBSITE FOR HOME VALUATION: www.TeamWilliamsOrlando.com Call or text us: Kathy 407-230-7305 or Savanna 407-989-8681 […]

RAPID Changes Occurring in the Housing Market

1/3 of real estate agents in Miami are QUITTING, Mortgage demand is FALLING at a time when interest rates are also falling. The layoffs are coming in every single week yet people are still rushing out to buy houses at high prices, what is going on in the housing market? Need a Realtor? ====== Like […]

Home Prices to Fall Through 2024: NEW Report

New housing market forecast! Fannie Mae released their housing market forecast and real estate market predictions through 2024. They expect a big decrease in home sales and home prices in 2023 mainly due to housing affordability constraints. Their housing market forecast is also calling for home prices in the US to decrease through 2024. In […]