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Orlando Real Estate Market Update [February 2022]

Orlando Real Estate Market Update [February 2022]

Here is an update on the Orlando real estate market for February 2022. Orlando Home sales increased when we compare January 2021 to January 2022 and we also noticed the average sale price increase year over year. Interest rates have increased slightly, but we are still looking at low rates when you compare past historic […]

🔵 Buy A Home Now or Wait? Housing Market Update!

Should I buy a home right now? Should I wait to buy a house? Should I buy a house now or wait? ` Many potential homeowners ask us every day what show they do. In this video, we give the current housing market update and answers to some of your questions. These real estate market […]

Alert: The Real Estate Market Continues to Cool Off

The US housing market continues to slow down. In today’s housing market update, I share the latest details about home prices, housing inventory as well as the latest news for mortgage loan forbearance and mortgage interest rates. ➜➜➜ Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area ➜➜➜ Or, . me if you’re […]

Mortgage Rates and Housing Market Update | LOCK in your

For Fastest Service please call us at (844)775-5626 Subscribe to my NEW Mortgage Newsletter APPLY NOW Schedule your PERSONAL consultation: Loan Estimate Review: E. me LEReview@TheRateUpdate.com with your Story, Credit Score, and Phone Number Mortgage Calculator Trying to build a Brand on YouTube ¬🎥 Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of the Mortgage Rates Update […]

Why Now Is The BEST Time To Buy A House | Is NOW A Good Time

Why Now Is The BEST Time To Buy A House | Is NOW A Good Time To Buy A House? You might be wondering at this moment, Should I Buy A House? Well In this video, I give you 6 reasons in the middle of our Housing Market 2021 why you should buy a house. […]