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Housing Market Crash CANCELLED By Bank Collapse?

A lot of people have been asking me what I think is going to happen, and if the housing market crash will be canceled due to the recent bank collapses. This video is my take on the whole situation, on who may want to consider buying during this economic meltdown, and who should not. Need […]


Is real estate in Florida’s top cities heading for a crash? This comprehensive update over Florida’s top housing markets will remove doubt that this market is shifting. You will not believe what is happening in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, specifically. In this NEW March Update for the Florida Real Estate market update, we cover the […]

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Larger Home?

Every homeowner has a unique situation but in today’s housing market, is it smart to upgrade to a larger home? In today’s video, I will take you through a few loan scenarios to help homeowners decide whether or not they should buy a larger home, or stay in the home they have till the 2023 […]

Jobs Report Crushes Mortgage Rates? | Orlando Weekly Housing Market Update

This mornings jobs report of 517000 new jobs is crushing the bond market and forcing mortgage rates higher. Home affordability has hit an all time low. With sales inventory low and prices holding stronger than many had expected, what can buyer’s do to still purchase their dream home. Join Joseph Dionne of Appli Home Loans […]

YIKES! Housing Market Crash ? Cooling Real Estate & High Interest Rates

Yikes! The housing market has cooled, and are interest rates to spike again? In this video, Paul Gabrail and Mo Hussein will assess the current housing market conditions and determine whether you should buy or sell a home now, among other valuable home investment tips. Check it out! #housingmarket #everythingmoney 🚨 7-Day EM Software Trial […]

Mortgage rates to fall in 2023?

Will mortgage rates fall in 2023? What do you think about the interest rates will be falling or picking up this year? This hot topic has been in discussion for months since the end of the pandemic and the housing market shift. Watch the full video and let’s dig deeper into this hottest topic for […]

Housing Market Crash CANCELLED?

Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code BORDENARO for 83% off and get 3 extra months for free! According to the NAR t. wont’ be a housing crash because, inventory is still too low, interest rates are down and mortgage applications are up. Do you think that is a strong argument for no housing […]

Florida Real Estate Market Update 2023 | Latest Home Prices

Florida Real Estate Market Update 2023 | Latest Home Prices Thinking of moving to Florida? Curious about the latest home prices in Florida? New trends are emerging in the Florida housing market right now! In this video, we will be looking at the Florida Real Estate Market Update and maybe it will help you decide […]

Housing Market Fighting Over The Most Affordable Homes

The housing market is currently in a frenzy, with buyers and investors vying for the most affordable homes. In this podcast, we take a closer look at the factors driving this competition and what it means for home buyers. From low-interest rates to a lack of inventory, the competition for budget-friendly homes is becoming increasingly […]

MASSIVE LIES About The Housing Market Being Told Right Now

Buyers who wait for more inventory, lower interest rates or something else may never own a home. At least thats whats realtors and main stream media are telling folks about the housing market in 2023 to get you to FOMO back into the market as prices come down. Need a Realtor? ====== Like My Sunglasses? […]