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Is now a good time to buy a house? Is t. a Crash coming?

We talked with Cindy West at Matador Lending about is now a good time to buy a house? Is t. a housing crash coming? What does the Housing market look like now in 2022 vs the last crash? Blog post Housing market predictions 2022, it is still a seller’s market vs a buyers market like […]

Housing Market Crash (I Cant Believe This)

This housing market is crazy and you will get tons of offers. What should you do when you get a big one in the housing market. Well based on housing market prediction I will get into it. Important JOIN THE COMMUNITY ▶︎ 🏡 Real Estate Beginners Course: 💳 Improve Your Credit Scores Instantly for Free: […]

3 Reasons Why the Red-Hot Housing Market Could Cool in 2022

U.S. housing market prices rose to their highest ever in 2021, with double-digit increases in home values that kept many hopeful homebuyers on the sidelines. But price increases are expected to cool in 2022 thanks to a number of economic factors. Here’s what’s driving the market and the impact that will have on prospective buyers […]

The Housing Market Will Be Ruined By Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage rates have been quickly rising in the past couple of weeks. Does this mean the housing market will finally cool off? What does that mean for your mortgage payment if it hits 5%? Will this be the sign that the housing bubble is ready to pop? We will be answering all those questions today […]

Its Another Housing Bubble: Rising Mortgage Rates 2022

A massive housing crash is imminent and several bubbles across the country are on the verge of a catastrophic burst! Key economic indicators are signaling that the U.S. housing market is at the brink of an unprecedented crash, one that could potentially be the biggest ever recorded in all of America’s history. We’re moving towards […]

A Housing Price Cooldown? | 2022 Housing Market Predictions

There are a lot of 2022 housing market predictions out there. Some forecasters say that a crash is imminent, while others point to signs showing a very strong housing market continuing over the next few years. While none of us (including Dave Meyer) have access to a crystal ball that shows home prices, we do […]

Canadian housing market to cool down in 2022, Royal LePage

Home prices increased by 25 per cent year-over-year last spring, creating bidding wars in cottage country and major urban centres. However, one of Canada’s largest real estate firms is predicting a cool-down in the housing market. Royal LePage estimates home prices will only climb 16 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2021, pushing the […]

Should I Invest in Real Estate Now or Wait? (2021 Edition)

“Should I invest in real estate now or wait?” “Is now a good time to invest?” “What’s next for the housing market?” These are the questions Dave has been asked for months, and as the 2021 housing data has started to flow in, Dave has gotten a better picture of how exactly to answer these […]