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How to get your property development financed

In this week’s episode, we talk about the basic considerations for getting your property development financed. Starting with the right site, considering what lenders like and dislike, and commercial considerations and hard numbers over pipe dreams. source How to get financed

How to get a Job in Finance | 5 Steps

If you want to land a job in the financial industry, but you don’t have relevant experience or education, t. are 5 things you should be focusing on: 1. Know the role 2. Build your network 3. Make a list of smaller potential employers 4. Study the basics and read financial news 5. Show your […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Financing Rental Properties

Financing rental properties may not be at the top of your to-do list when getting started in real estate investing. You may be more focused on deal-finding, networking, or figuring out how to analyze a real estate deal. But you can’t get a deal if t.’s no way to fund it, and that’s why rental […]

How I Buy and Finance My Supercar Collection! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 38

Let’s talk about the finance side of my car collection and how I work with Approved Motor Finance to buy and manage the money side of the supercars. We’ve also got a second Lamborghini in the garage, and plenty of progress cleaning up the Shmuseum! T.’s no specific formula behind how to buy and pay […]


An equity investment can be structured in a number of ways. For example, an investor could be a stockholder in a corporation, a non-managing member of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a limited partner in a partnership. However, the most typical structure for independent film financing is the LLC and I primarily will be […]

How To Get Customers Financed? – Project cost has skyrocketed and customers need affordable options!

Dan and Cannon come back from Memorial Day weekend and discuss the AFA’s new Facebook Page (The Fence Professionals Network) 🔹 Creative ways to get customers financed 🔹 Using text replacement on your phone to respond quicker and professionally to customer via text 🔹 Wood prices climbing and the shortage of it 🔹 Talking about […]


MASSIVE BANK OF AMERICA SECRET AUTO LOAN HACK! LEARN HOW to BUY a CAR under your BUSINESS NAME? How to buy a vehicle under your LLC? how to get an auto loan? ✅ CONNECT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: 📲PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP► 📲.►: ⬇️ Watch More Videos Here ⬇️ 🏦 BANK OF AMERICA business credit card NO […]

Step By Step Guide To Accounts Receivable Financing–Fast Funding With No Credit Requirements

Step By Step Guide To Accounts Receivable Financing WHAT IS ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING? • Accounts receivable financing is asset-based financing that allows business owners to access capital that is secured by outstanding invoices. • An accounts receivable financing company will advance you up to 100% of the value of a given outstanding invoice. • The […]

Creative Financing | How I Purchased This House Subject To Seller Financing With An Infinite Return

I’m getting together this week for a live virtual workshop about creatively financing your real estate. Would you like to join us? 👉 I just bought a house subject to seller financing. I didn’t have to pull my credit score, show income statements or talk to a bank. Using creative financing of a multitude of […]