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Cost of living forecast to impact house price growth significantly

However, Knight Frank suggests its central case for house prices remains that a recession “will not get thrown into the mix”. The analysis follows the BoE’s decision to increase the base rate a further 25 basis points to 1%, marking the fourth rise since December 2021. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) projects inflation to rise to 9% […]

Rising rates – what impact will they have on home construction?

For those looking to divest of properties, it’s most assuredly still a sellers’ market, Kushi observed. “Sellers continue to have the upper hand as we enter the busiest time of the year for the housing market. Not enough supply relative to demand will keep house price growth positive, but not at the record-breaking pace we […]

Does refinancing a mortgage impact your credit score?

How does mortgage refinance affect your credit score? Mortgage refinance affects your credit score because it will take a hit, however temporarily, each time you complete a credit application. New debt amount, credit inquiry, and length of credit history each contribute to that hit. The following is a breakdown of how mortgage refinance affects your […]

How rising rates impact the housing market What the market did in 2018 can serve as a guide for this year

Solar Panels And How They Affect The Sale Of Your Home By Dottie Spitaleri • 16 Mar, 2022 • When you sell your home, t. may be a lien on the title for your solar panels. If the panels are not paid for, you need to pay them off. The amount is based on what […]

COVID’s impact on housing market

Australia’s housing market has changed dramatically over the past two years of the pandemic, with a new report showing property prices had risen 25%. CoreLogic has outlined six major impacts on the property market since COVID-19 began, including a boost in first home buyer activity, and the new-found popularity of regional and low-density […]