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The Beginner’s Guide to Financing Rental Properties

Financing rental properties may not be at the top of your to-do list when getting started in real estate investing. You may be more focused on deal-finding, networking, or figuring out how to analyze a real estate deal. But you can’t get a deal if t.’s no way to fund it, and that’s why rental […]

Poverty to $1M+ in Property Using No Money Down Real Estate

No money down real estate investing usually sounds too good to be true. It seems almost impractical that someone without much experience, money, or property can secure cash-flowing rentals without putting a dollar into the deal. Even more astounding, today’s guest Andre Haynes was paid a few thousand dollars to buy his first rental property. […]

How to Buy Commercial Property with NO Money (100% Financing)

Wondering how to buy commercial property with no money down? It’s surprisingly common for real estate investors (especially in commercial real estate) to lock down deals with very little out of pocket cost. But how are they finding these deals? Or a better question may be, how are they finding the commercial financing that’s giving […]

Seller Carry Back | "No Money Down" Creative Financing Strategy for Real Estate

👉 I’m getting together this month with a small group of real estate investors for a creative financing masterclass, would you like to join us? 👉 In this video, you’re going to learn how to creatively finance your real estate deals using the seller carry-back. Sometimes it’s referred to as seller financing or owner financing. […]

Creative Financing | How I Purchased This House Subject To Seller Financing With An Infinite Return

I’m getting together this week for a live virtual workshop about creatively financing your real estate. Would you like to join us? 👉 I just bought a house subject to seller financing. I didn’t have to pull my credit score, show income statements or talk to a bank. Using creative financing of a multitude of […]