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More Americans turn to home equity for retirement funding Axios outlines how home is increasingly being used as an asset for retirement funding, but some states are seeing equity levels decline

Americans are increasingly turning to home equity for funding their retirement plans — especially through relocation and downsizing — after the pandemic led to a large uptick in home equity levels, according to data from Vanguard Group and reporting by Axios. “People still need a place to live in retirement and rarely take advantage of reverse […]

survey Women investors have higher levels of unease about retirement, and 40% of survey respondents believing a recession is .

Six in 10 women investors believe that the U.S. is either currently in or approaching a financial crisis, according to the eighth annual “Advisor Authority” survey from Nationwide‘s Nationwide Retirement Institute. In addition, women report having an increase in unease related to retirement, according to the survey results. Per the report, recession and inflation fears have grown among women […]

Vida offers brokers £180 refund for low service levels, loosens criteria     – Mortgage Finance Gazette

Vida says brokers can request a £180 refund on their application admin fee if they feel they have been handed poor service from the specialist lender.   The move comes as the firm also unveils a raft of new product and criteria changes.   The business introduces its Vida Service Pledge following the launch of its broker-only […]

Millionaires aren’t always confident about retirement, survey says 35% of millionaires have low confidence levels about living a comfortable retirement

According to a survey conducted and published by Natixis Investment Managers, 35% of millionaires agreed with the statement that “it will take a miracle to achieve a secure retirement” — a near match with the 40% of overall investors who agreed with that statement. This mindset could stem, at least in part, from the fact that […]

Inside The Most Affordable Homes In Florida As Mortgage Rates Spike To The Highest Levels Since 2008

In today’s video, I went to Inverness FL to check out the town and I was very impressed! The homes are much lower priced then in most other areas! I hope you enjoyed this video and can see the difference in prices Florida has to offer compared to most other states. Follow me on .: […]

Growing levels of home ownership slipped in 2022: Leeds Building Society

In 2020/21, 65% of households either owned their property outright, or held a mortgage. Of this, 35%, of homes were owned outright. The study says: “The increase in numbers owning their property outright is partly explained by an ageing population, with large numbers of ‘baby boomers’ reaching retirement age and paying off their mortgages.   “It […]

Mortgage Forbearance rate finally hits pre-pandemic levels The total number of loans in forbearance declined by 4 bps to 2.96%, according to the MBA

T.’s more blood on the tracks in the non-QM market REIT Western Asset Mortgage Capital, coping with red ink and underwater non-QM loans, is exploring a sale or merger By DDA Mortgage • 09 Aug, 2022 • The latest non-QM player to feel the pain of the interest rate volatility afflicting the nation’s housing market […]

Will mortgage lending get tighter in the next recession? The fact is we’re already at 2008 credit availability levels

As recession talk becomes more prevalent, some people are concerned that mortgage credit lending will get much tighter. This typically happens in a recession, however, the notion that credit lending in America will collapse as it did from 2005 to 2008 couldn’t be more incorrect, as we haven’t had a credit boom in the period […]

As home flipping skyrockets, profit margins sink to 2009 levels

The share of resales by home flipping investors accelerated dramatically as 2022 got underway, but activity could be on the verge of slowing down due to a declining return on investment. In jumps that were the largest on a quarterly and annual basis since 2000, the first quarter’s flipping share of all home resales rose […]

MortgageMortgage delinquency rate reaches prepandemic levels

Mortgage delinquency rates hit pre-pandemic levels in October due to labor market improvements and home equity increases, according to the most recent CoreLogic Loan Performance Report. The expectation is that rates will continue to decline during 2022. In October, 3.8% of mortgages were delinquent by at least 30 days, including foreclosure, close to the 3.7% rate registered in the same period […]