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More Americans turn to home equity for retirement funding Axios outlines how home is increasingly being used as an asset for retirement funding, but some states are seeing equity levels decline

Americans are increasingly turning to home equity for funding their retirement plans — especially through relocation and downsizing — after the pandemic led to a large uptick in home equity levels, according to data from Vanguard Group and reporting by Axios. “People still need a place to live in retirement and rarely take advantage of reverse […]

How seniors could be affected by an increase to the retirement age Some see an increase to retirement age as a natural progression, but near-retirees could struggle, experts say

As lawmakers once again consider increasing the retirement age in an effort to bolster the Social Security trust fund, experts are noting the potential positives and negatives of the move, according to a contributor article for Forbes. Emily C. Rassam, a senior financial planner at Archer Investment Management, told Forbes that the key advantage of raising the retirement […]

survey Women investors have higher levels of unease about retirement, and 40% of survey respondents believing a recession is .

Six in 10 women investors believe that the U.S. is either currently in or approaching a financial crisis, according to the eighth annual “Advisor Authority” survey from Nationwide‘s Nationwide Retirement Institute. In addition, women report having an increase in unease related to retirement, according to the survey results. Per the report, recession and inflation fears have grown among women […]

Retirement nest egg isn’t enough for many people, expert says

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt by those in or near retirement for years to come, exposing retirement issues that have been building for decades. Because of that, many of the traditional savings methods — including nest eggs — are not sufficient, according to Martin Baily, a senior fellow at the Brookings […]

Reverse mortgages an option for seniors feeling stuck in retirement Retirement expert Mark Miller tells MarketWatch that reverse mortgages could be a potential path forward for seniors feeling insecu

Reverse mortgages could be an option for seniors who feel like they’re “stuck” in retirement. However, they may not consider this option due to the hurdles that many assume will come with tapping home equity, according to retirement expert Mark Miller, who was featured in an article on MarketWatch. In the article, Miller names home equity […]

Retirement savings declined by an average of 10% in 2022 The share of retirees with nothing saved increased from 30% to 37%, according to a new survey

Last year, retirees lost an average of 10% of their accrued savings for retirement. The average retirement savings dropped from $191,659 in 2022 to $170,726 by the start of 2023, according to a survey conducted by Clever Real Estate. The survey also shows that the share of retirees who have nothing saved jumped from 30% to 37% […]

Nearly 90% of seniors think the U.S. is facing a retirement savings crisis

Sandwich generation stressed about meeting financial obligations New study shows that two-thirds of those caring for both children and aging parents are concerned about meeting their own financial obl By Didier Malagies • 14 Feb, 2023 • Roughly 66% of the so-called “sandwich generation” — those in the age group tasked with caring for both […]

Millionaires aren’t always confident about retirement, survey says 35% of millionaires have low confidence levels about living a comfortable retirement

According to a survey conducted and published by Natixis Investment Managers, 35% of millionaires agreed with the statement that “it will take a miracle to achieve a secure retirement” — a near match with the 40% of overall investors who agreed with that statement. This mindset could stem, at least in part, from the fact that […]

Household Capital expands reverse mortgage offering

Household Capital is offering brokers more options to act on the growing community interest in accessing home equity, after acquiring another business that will support clients who want access to the federal government’s Home Equity Access Scheme. Reverse mortgage lender Household Capital is an Australian-owned, independent retirement funding provider founded in 2016. It has been […]

Retirement Reverse mortgages avoided by financial advisors, professor says

Retirement planning takes a backseat to today’s bills: study By Didier Malagies • 31 Jan, 2023 • A majority of Americans are far more concerned about their ability to pay their bills today at the expense of retirement planning. “Two in three Americans (67%) say they are more concerned about paying bills right now than […]