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More Americans turn to home equity for retirement funding Axios outlines how home is increasingly being used as an asset for retirement funding, but some states are seeing equity levels decline

Americans are increasingly turning to home equity for funding their retirement plans — especially through relocation and downsizing — after the pandemic led to a large uptick in home equity levels, according to data from Vanguard Group and reporting by Axios. “People still need a place to live in retirement and rarely take advantage of reverse […]

The cheapest states to buy a house in the USA

4. South Dakota  The average home value in South Dakota is $277,809. While it did not make the cut this last year, South Dakota consistently ranks in the top 10 cheapest US states. It is also one of eight US states that does not have personal property tax. For these reasons, its natural beauty, and […]

New Residential closes offices in four US states

The agreement terminated a management and advisory agreement that results in the company paying FIG LLC $400 million, with $200 million paid on the effective date, another $100 million payable on Sept. 15 and $100 million payable Dec. 15, according to the statement. As a result of the termination of the management agreement, New Residential […]

States can play hardball with credit reporting bureaus, CFPB says

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday gave states permission to enforce their own credit reporting laws that may be broader or tougher than federal ones.  The approval comes as director Rohit Chopra is expected to take on tech giant Facebook for its consumer data collection practices and the agency’s new policies on anti-discrimination provoked […]

Younger home buyers flock to Midwest, Mountain states

After peaking in 2020, the share of purchases among younger home buyers has dropped due to ongoing affordability issues and the return of older consumers to the market, according to CoreLogic. The percentage of home buyers aged 30 and below fell to under 20% nationally in 2021, after approaching 22% in 2020. Seasonally adjusted numbers […]

Real Estate MEGA BUBBLE BLOWS UP in these 5 STATES! (Avoid

5 STATES in are in a Housing Market MEGA BUBBLE in 2022. Home buyers and real estate investors in these states should be very careful. Because a brutal HOUSING CRASH could be coming. Home Prices across America are up by 20-30% over the last year across many states. Real Estate Markets across Idaho, Montana, Arizona, […]