Two- and five-year fix prices rise 13 basis points, Moneyfacts says

The former ended the week at 4.66% and the latter, 4.67%.

Meanwhile, the average rate for a three-year fix increased by 7 basis points, to 4.90%, while the average rate for a 10-year fix rose 6 basis points, to 4.68%.

Two-year fixes

Rate changes worth looking at within this fix this week include the 95% LTV average rate, which lifted 16 basis points, to 4.90%, and the 75% LTV price, which moved up 15 basis points, to 4.61%.

Three-year fixes

Here, the average rate for an 85% LTV fixed rate mortgage increased by 9 basis points, to 5.02%.

And at 75% LTV, a 10 basis point shift upwards saw the price come to 4.90%.

Five-year fixes

At 95% LTV, the average rate increased by 13 basis points, to 4.81%.

Further down, at 75% LTV, the average rate pushed up 16 basis points, to 4.72%.

10-year fixes

The only real movers . this week occurred at 85% LTV – a 12 basis point jump, to 4.34% – and at 75% LTV, w. a 9 basis point rise saw the average price come to 4.50%.

Moneyfacts finance expert Eleanor Williams comments: “A little more of a mixture of activity in the residential mortgage sector this week, though unsurprisingly the sector continues to be dominated by rate rises overall.

“Some of the largest rate shifts came from Kent Reliance, w. fixed rate products were increased by as much as 1.75% this week, and from Precise Mortgages, making increases to its range of fixed rates with an uplift of up to 1.70%.

“Both these providers also launched new deals to their ranges in their updates, as did Vida Homeloans, which also put up initial rates on its existing five-year fixed rate options by as much as 1.05%, while Post Office Money® made selected rate increases of up to 1.00%.

“Other brands to put rates up included Furness Building Society, which applied increases of up to 0.70% to fixed rates and up to 0.30% on its discounted-variable range. Lloyds Bank and Scottish Widows Bank put up selected fixed rate deals by 0.50%, while Halifax increased selected fixed rates by up to 0.47%. Barclays Mortgage introduced new remortgage deals this week, while also applying rate rises of up to 0.40% to selected fixed products.

“Withdrawals are still evident across the sector; this week saw Halifax cut selected intermediary deals from sale, Principality Building Society pulled its fixed rates at 80%, 85% and selected products at 75% LTV too, while Skipton Building Society withdrew its fixed rates with an end date of 30 November 2024.

“However, to provide some balance to this, t. were also product launches and reintroductions, with Skipton Building Society later launching new deals in the higher LTV brackets.

“Other brands to bring new deals to market included Precise Mortgages, with new five-year fixed rate options, as well as ‘Tier 5’ and ‘DMP’ products. Both Loughborough Building Society and Newcastle Building Society refreshed their respective ‘JBSP’ products as well.”