Why Now Is The BEST Time To Buy A House | Is NOW A Good Time

Why Now Is The BEST Time To Buy A House | Is NOW A Good Time To Buy A House?

You might be wondering at this moment, Should I Buy A House? Well In this video, I give you 6 reasons in the middle of our Housing Market 2021 why you should buy a house.

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Right now the Real Estate market is moving along strongly. Although there has been a bit of an increase in supply as of recently, it is still a strong sellers market. Some of you may want to wait until the market cools down and might be thinking with offers going over ask still and the strong demand we continue to see, is it a bad time to buy a house? Well for some people I don’t think so and let me explain why.

First of all, interest rates are at all time lows. This has helped keep housing affordable despite the high prices we’re seeing right now. Secondly, it’s a great hedge against inflation and let’s face it, the FED hasn’t been holding back on printing money recently. Third is that even though supply is low compared to years past, it’s higher than it was 6 months ago which should give you the ability to negotiate a little more and have opportunities if your an FHA buyer. Fourth is if you plan on living in the house for 7+ Years. This will give you the ability to mitigate your risk of going under water on your mortgage. Fifth reason to buy now is if your financially ready. You want to aim to have your downpayment saved up along with a 3 month emergency fund. And sixth reason is buying a house is a powerful wealth builder. Over time it has the power to build massive wealth mainly due to the ability to leverage. So in today’s property market, asking is it the right time to buy a house is the wrong question to ask. No one knows when a market crash is coming but if you plan to hold long term and are financially ready, then now is a great time to buy.


Is now a good time to buy real estate